Megan Rand of Ginger Newtrition  and Alex have opened up the Healthy Hormones Group Program for the first 10 people! This means that these 10 people will be able to have their hormone and neurotransmitter panels finished and get their customized plans available to them by the start of the program in September.


Brittany will be leading a Kombucha Workshop in August. The date hasn’t been announced yet but if you’re interested in learning how to make this amazing drink, keep an eye out for event updates here.


Body and Self Love
We talk about how mirrors can impact your self-image, how societal and media pressures impact our perceptions, and how we can change our health priorities to increase our love for our bodies.

Brittany mentioned the book “Mirror Mirror Off the Wall” by Kjerstin Gruys. It’s about a woman who challenges herself not to look in mirrors for one year.


Brittany talks all about the Great GMO debate. She discusses the pros (reduced pesticide use, reduced pesticide use, preventing vitamin deficiencies) and cons (corporate control of agriculture, lack of studies on humans, herbicide tolerance) of GMOs, as well as the concept behind and importance of monocultures.

You can find further reading on GMO Debate by checking out this article.

Food Origin Labeling
Brittany talks about all the different places our meats can be raised, processed, and sold and how currently labeling practices may be soon getting changed for trade restriction purposes.  We additionally discuss the implications behind decreasing transparency and why it’s vitally important to read all the labels on your food.

Read more about County of Origin Labeling here.

For more info on food labeling, this article has some great information.


Cold Brewed Tea
We talk about why you might want to cold brew your teas and coffee, such as less acidity and fewer possibly-irritating compounds (such as tannins), and the different ways you can cold brew things at home.  We also discussed why tea blends are so amazing for maximizing nutrient density in your diet and some of Alex’s favorite combinations.

Get way more ideas for tea blends by going to the Nutrient Boot Camp Tea Directory page.

The Toddy Cold Brew System for cold brewing at home and how you can cheaply recreate this at home. (It also works to just use some cheesecloth and a large glass jar to do this in seconds!)


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