Embrace the fat. The human brain is 60% fat and every cell in the body needs good fat to survive and thrive. Without fat, our cellular structure would fall apart. I’ve written more about how fat is critical to a healthy body here.

But now, I want to share exactly how to use fats when cooking. Every fat is not created equally when it comes to heat. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are sensitive to high temperatures and actually go rancid above certain levels. Olive oil and all nut and seed oils fall into this category. Reserve these for low-heat cooking and cold dishes like salads.

Saturated fats are the best cooking fats. Solid at room temperature, their chemical structure is stable enough to withstand high heat. These are coconut oil, any animal fats, butter, ghee and palm oil.

Watch this video to learn how I cook with each of these. 


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