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Local Eats Project

Today is National Food Day! Hooray! In honor of this day, I’m launching a new project, the Local Eats Project. Recently I learned that less than 1% of all food purchased in the U.S. comes from famers markets. I want to boost that number! This is the BEST quality food available and too many people are missing out. Food from farmers markets is far more nutritious – for our bodies, our minds, our wallets, our environment, our economies and our consciousness. The Local Eats Project works like this: Once per month I will cook one meal made from 100% local foods, including fat/oil and as many fresh herbs and spices too. I will share the recipe here on Sparkle Kitchen to keep me accountable and to show how simple it is to create a fabulous meal from seasonal ingredients. These are the ground rules: Cook one meal per month using Read More

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5 Reasons to Buy Organic & Local this Thanksgiving

I choose local, organically grown foods. Mostly because I’m a control freak. I like to know exactly how my food was raised. And I also want to know the foods I’m eating are nourishing me. Conventional produce and meats are not able to offer the same standards. Before I get into the other reasons why I buy organic, I have to explain one misconception. Foods labeled organic are not the only organically produced foods. Many small farms practice sustainable farming but do not carry the USDA Organic seal. The Organic certification process is cost prohibitive and too time consuming for most farmers. It requires a daily record-keeping of all tasks, which is unmanageable when you have weeds to pull and crops to harvest. The best way to learn how something is grown is by getting to know the farm, searching their website or asking the farmer directly at the market. Read More

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Jerusalem Artichokes and Braised Kale Rice Pilaf

It should have been my celebration meal. Smoked bison loin, watercress salad, corn succotash and sunchoke soup. I was in DC for the Marine Corps Marathon. But I wasn’t running the race. Three months earlier I sprained my ankle, making it impossible to train for 26.2 miles. The trip to DC became memorable for other things, particularly a trip to the Native American Museum. Spectacular exhibits, even more spectacular food. The Mitsitam Cafe serves all foods indigenous to North America. It was there that I had my first taste of sunchokes, also known as jerusalem artichokes. Jerusalem artichokes are not artichokes at all or even in the same plant family. They are the roots of sunflowers and get their name from a faulty Italian translation, “girasole artichoke.” Girasole translates to sunflower and I have no idea how that turned into jerusalem. And the artichoke is an even bigger mystery. I Read More

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One Pot Chicken with Pears & Turnips

Tired of winter vegetables yet? There is only so much you can do with butternut squash, carrots, potatoes and kale. I’d love to have a fresh tomato right now… In February I begin to long for the diversity that summer will bring. Until then, we have to make do with what’s in season. For the February edition of the Local Eats Project, I got creative with turnips and pears in a one-pot meal. The broth, wine, onions and garlic all cook down to the most flavorful sauce. Good broth is the secret to making or breaking this meal. Check out this recipe if you’re new to the broth world. The vegetables in this dish are interchangeable so try apples, carrots, rutabagas or any type of potato. Everything in the pot soaks up the flavor of the sauce. Here are the farmer market ingredients I took home: 6 chicken thighs   Read More

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Roasted Parsnip Soup with Oyster Mushrooms

The warmest year on record. What does this mean for our food? Five days ago we had over two feet of snow in Brooklyn. And now it is almost completely melted. The temperature keeps rising and I’m wondering how this is impacting our growing seasons. Our seasonal foods are going to change. An orange grove is going to pop up in the Northeast, tomatoes will be available year-round and we’ll have to begin planting in January. The plus side is that we’ll have a larger variety of foods available. And then there are the many down sides, which I won’t go into since I find it so depressing. By 2020, the US has committed to reducing greenhouse gases to no more than 1.5 to 2.0 degrees of warming, yet many scientists think it will be too late. Right now we can still categorize parsnips as a winter vegetable and I’ve Read More


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