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Wellness Beets Episode #17: Natural Movement for Babies, Physical Therapy, and Yoga with Jennifer Cohen Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSHeads up! WBKitchen is an amazing company that creates grain free Paleo and SCD friendly treats including cookies and snack bars. These treats have amazing, well-sourced, and clean ingredients that are good for you, the planet, and your taste buds.   WBKitchen is kindly offering us a special discount from June 10th-June 30th! When you go to, just type in the discount code “BEETS15” at checkout.   Interview with Jennifer Cohen, Pediatric Physical Therapist and Children’s Yoga Teacher:  #1.  We first met you when you submitted a question to the podcast! So cool! When we chatted, we found out you are a pediatric physical therapist and teach yoga for kids and we wanted to learn more about what you do. Tell us a little bit about yourself. #2.  What do you think are some of the biggest benefits of kids Read More

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Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil: Interview & Review

I eat fish four to five times per week. Most of it falls into the category of fatty fish, such as salmon, sardines, mackerel and trout. These carry some of the highest levels of bio-available omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA. I’ve written about the importance of these fats for brain health, fighting inflammation, a strong heart and healthy skin. But what if you can’t stomach fish? Fish oil supplements should do the trick, right? Not likely. Most are made with chemical fillers and the oil inside those capsules is rancid. Fish oil is super sensitive to heat, light and air, causing rancidity to occur very quickly during extraction of the oil from the fish. By taking a fish oil pill, you’re likely doing more harm than good. The Rosita family in Norway is changing all that. After years of practice and research, they have developed a delicate way to Read More

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Before You Go Vegan, Read My Story

Yesterday I shared this story on It’s my personal journey of diet discovery and how I learned to focus on nourishing my body while still aligning with my ethics.  We are fortunate to live in a time where food preferences are more about lifestyle than keeping us nourished. Vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo, grain-free, pescetarian, vegan, there is a diet to suite all preferences. You can even combine them and the world accepts and respects your decision. But what are the health implications of these diets? We forget the fact that we need certain foods for nourishment.  Nutrition and health were my beats as a kid. I took to heart everything the media reported and then made it my mission to disseminate that information to family and friends. As soon as my mom brought the groceries home, I’d carefully read every label and discard the items I deemed unfit for consumption. This Read More

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Wellness Beets Episode #9: The Fat & Oil Debate and Organization for Stress Management Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSCome Chat with Us on Social Media! Brittany’s Facebook               Alex’s Facebook  Brittany’s YouTube              Alex’s YouTube Brittany’s Pinterest               Alex’s  Pinterest  Brittany’s Instagram               Alex’s Instagram  The Fat & Oil Debate The topic of fats and oils (how much to eat, which ones are healthy) is a hot-button issue so we hit on the most important considerations and actionable items that we commonly get questions about.  We discuss why making a distinction between “heat stable” and “heat unstable” fats is so important.  This underlies why we recommend cooking with fats such as butter, ghee, lard, duck bat, bacon fat, and coconut oil. Get tips on How to Select The Best Olive Oil in Brittany’s article.  We briefly delve into the current coconut oil Read More

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Are you Eating Complete Meals?

What are the makings of a complete meal? Before I began this health journey I thought anything could be considered a meal as long as it had enough calories. Chocolate chip cookies for breakfast? Why not? Salad with lemon juice only dressing for lunch? Entire bag of popcorn for dinner? That used to be my life and I was unsatisfied all the time, snacking constantly throughout the day. A meal must be complete in order to achieve satiety and eliminate that desperate urge for snacks four times per day.  A Complete Meal is Important for: ►Controlling your appetite ►Reducing stress and inflammation in the body ►Turning calories into energy ►Weight management ►Regulating hormones A complete meal includes protein, healthy fat and good carbohydrates. The body requires a combination of fuel for maintenance and if it’s not receiving what it needs then your health suffers. All three work to build a Read More

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Wellness Beets Episode #8: Elimination Diet, Natural Movement, Exercise, and Breakfast Foods Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSCome Chat with Us on Social Media! Brittany’s Facebook               Alex’s Facebook  Brittany’s YouTube              Alex’s YouTube Brittany’s Pinterest               Alex’s  Pinterest  Brittany’s Instagram               Alex’s Instagram  Elimination Diets: Alex and Brittany share their experiences with elimination diets. We discuss common restrictions like eggs, dairy, nightshades, nuts, legumes, FODMAPs, gluten, and dairy.  We also discuss special alterations, such as the autoimmune protocol (Sarah Ballantyne’s work), Terry Wahls protocol, and Nutrient Boot Camp. Related Articles: Mickey Trescott and Angie Alt of Autoimmune Paleo Strict AIP isn’t Meant to Last Forever – What a Personalized AIP Looks Like by Eileen Laird What is Nutrient Rich Paleo Paleo Approach   Natural Movement: Natural Movement is the practice of moving your body in a way that helps you Read More