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32 No Sugar Added Desserts

Move over fat, there’s a new culprit in town. Sugar is now the ingredient to avoid. Do you know how much added sugar you consume in one day? I didn’t. My “healthy” dessert habit got out of control. I was obsessed with the one minute mug cakes, homemade magic shell, and single servings of chocolate chip cookies. After almost every meal I’d make myself a little treat. I used maple syrup or honey as the sweetener and I tricked my brain into thinking they were “nutritious” sugar. Well ALL sweeteners, even the “pure” ones are sugar. And sugar impairs the immune system by suppressing white blood cells. Just one teaspoon impairs the immune system for up to four hours. Then there’s the blood sugar spikes and extra calories negatively impacting your body too. What are the options? Option A: Shun dessert and never eat ice cream again. Option B: Make Read More

Breakfast / Dairy-free / Dessert / Drink / Egg Free / Gluten-free / Grain-free / No sugar / Nut-Free / Smoothie / Vegetarian

7 Fruit-Free Smoothies

I dream of smoothies in yoga class. The room is 105F degrees with 60% humidity and pools of sweats are making an island out of my yoga mat. I love every minute of the intensity. And after working that hard I want a reward. On the really tough days, visualizing myself sipping down a cool, refreshing smoothie is the only thing that gets me through class. I also wouldn’t hate one poured right over my head. There is an issue with smoothies though. Loads of sugar from the fruit. It is naturally occurring sugar but I still have to watch it. I can down 24 ounces in under five minutes. In real food that can equal one whole banana, ten strawberries, half a mango and a cup of coconut milk. That’s almost 400 calories and 37 grams of sugar. I wrote an article on the pros and cons of smoothies Read More

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Cranberry Applesauce with Fresh Ginger

Grocery shopping is a communal experience at my local food coop. The place is notorious for lines that wrap around the store, mad rushes to get the last heirloom tomato and also new friendships. Recently as I’m perusing the apple selection, an elderly women asks for my assistance. “Would you help this old shorty and reach that bag for me?” Of course. I grab what she needs and then she says, “Enjoy your youth. I used to look like Vivian Lee but now I’m just gone with the wind.” Ha! What a character. I have to befriend this women. We chat for a few moments and I admire her storytelling skills, colorful word choice and newly permed hair. She imparts wisdom on me right there in the grocery store. And then she’s off towards the cheese section and I’m back to apples.  This applesauce is blended with fresh cranberries and Read More

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2 Ingredient Dairy-Free Coconut Yogurt

I’ve wanted to make my own yogurt for years. In my dairy-eating days I would eat it every day for the probiotics. The super thick Greek-style yogurt was my staple. And I miss that tangy goodness. If you’ve tried any of the non-dairy yogurt options you know they are pathetic. Most often jello-y globs that plop out of the container. Eww. There are only two brands of coconut milk yogurt that I enjoy, Anita’s and CO YO. Both are fabulous, yet crazy expensive and hard to find in stores. Option B: Make my own. I was inspired by Laura Miller’s recipe using fresh coconut milk. Check it out here. Her video is freakin’ hilarious. You MUST watch it. It involves a probiotics song to the beat of 702’s song “Where My Girls At.” Amazing. Laura uses fresh coconut in her recipe, but I just don’t have time for that. So Read More

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Pork Sausage and Potato Hash

Fall is zooming on by. Honestly, where did September run off to so quickly? My husband and I were discussing why September always speeds past us and we came up with a hypothesis. August is the month of leisure. It’s too hot to accomplish much of anything so the days are long and restful. Then September hits. Vacation is over, work resumes, school is back in session and the days get shorter. Goodbye sunlight at 8pm. Hello winter. Once fall hits, everyone’s calendars fill with activities and time zips past us. Less time calls for batch cooking. Breakfast is my most important meal and often by biggest meal so I need something substantial to keep me going. This combination of pork, potatoes, onions and turnips is warm and hearty, perfect for cooler days. I combined turnips with the potatoes to make it a bit lower carb and to add more Read More

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Honey Lime Hot Wings

Skip the flour, skip the deep fryer. Go straight to the oven with these tasty hot wings. It’s a misnomer that chicken wings are unhealthy. Traditionally they are dredged in flour and dunked into a deep fryer to make the crispiest chicken. That’s just not required. Baking at a high temperature achieves the same effect. A trifecta of honey, lime and garlic infuses these wings as they bake. The chicken stays tender and you could even skip the sauce entirely. Marinate the chicken overnight for the lime and garlic flavors to really come through. Just make sure to marinade for at least 30 minutes. Chicken needs a little help to keep it tender. I use a combination of Frank’s Red Hot and Cholula Chili Garlic Hot Sauce to achieve a powerful garlic kick. We’re big garlic fans in my house (and may over use it).  Any hot sauce can be Read More