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Massaged Kale Salad

Why bother massaging kale? Raw kale is super fibrous and tough to digest. Massaging it breaks down the tough leaves, transforming them into a smooth, delicate texture. Each leaf will hold more flavor from the salad dressing too. BEFORE: AFTER:   MASSAGED KALE SALAD Makes 4 servings.  1 bunch kale, any kind 1 teaspoon salt ½ tablespoon apple cider vinegar DRESSING 3 tablespoons olive oil 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar 2 teaspoons honey ¼ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon fresh ground black pepper SALAD ADD-INS ½ cup radishes, thinly sliced ¼ cup carrots, thinly sliced ½ cup apples, chopped into ¼” pieces Wash and dry each kale leaf. Remove the leaf from the stems by holding the stem end in the left hand, while pulling the leaf away with your right hand. Reserve the stems for another meal or make Steam Sautéed Kale Stems. Place all the kale leaves into a Read More

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Composting: The Whys and the Hows

San Francisco does it. Portland does it. Vermont does it. NYC is doing it next. Composting is coming to a bin near you. Are you ready? Composting is serious business. We bury 1.2 million tons of food waste in landfills every year at a cost of nearly $80 per ton. Our country is throwing out 40% of the food we grow. Poof, gone, all that hard labor, time and money into the trash. And all this garbage could be helping us. That wilted lettuce in the back of your fridge could be working for you. There is good reason it’s called “black gold.” Time to get over the ick-factor, be a responsible adult and give back to the soil. How exactly does composting work and what are the real benefits? I sought out expertise from Rebecca Louie, the self-proclaimed Compostess. I first saw her speak at an alternative energy event Read More

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2 Ingredient Dairy-Free Coconut Yogurt

I’ve wanted to make my own yogurt for years. In my dairy-eating days I would eat it every day for the probiotics. The super thick Greek-style yogurt was my staple. And I miss that tangy goodness. If you’ve tried any of the non-dairy yogurt options you know they are pathetic. Most often jello-y globs that plop out of the container. Eww. There are only two brands of coconut milk yogurt that I enjoy, Anita’s and CO YO. Both are fabulous, yet crazy expensive and hard to find in stores. Option B: Make my own. I was inspired by Laura Miller’s recipe using fresh coconut milk. Check it out here. Her video is freakin’ hilarious. You MUST watch it. It involves a probiotics song to the beat of 702’s song “Where My Girls At.” Amazing. Laura uses fresh coconut in her recipe, but I just don’t have time for that. So Read More

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How to Cook with Healthy Fats

Embrace the fat. The human brain is 60% fat and every cell in the body needs good fat to survive and thrive. Without fat, our cellular structure would fall apart. I’ve written more about how fat is critical to a healthy body here. But now, I want to share exactly how to use fats when cooking. Every fat is not created equally when it comes to heat. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are sensitive to high temperatures and actually go rancid above certain levels. Olive oil and all nut and seed oils fall into this category. Reserve these for low-heat cooking and cold dishes like salads. Saturated fats are the best cooking fats. Solid at room temperature, their chemical structure is stable enough to withstand high heat. These are coconut oil, any animal fats, butter, ghee and palm oil. Watch this video to learn how I cook with each of these.  Read More

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How to Prevent Toxic Shock Syndrome

This article first appeared on EcoCult, which covers all things sustainable in New York City and beyond. Editor-in-Chief, Alden Wicker, has become the voice of New Yorkers eager to break the stereotypes about eco-friendly living and prove that living consciously can be beautiful, fun, and desirable. A few weeks ago, I discussed natural, sustainable feminine products on Wellness Beets Podcast. Considering the risk of toxic shock syndrome, there’s never been a better time to make the switch.  Oh, so you read that horrifying story about the beautiful, popular, gregarious young woman who almost died, but just ended up losing her leg from toxic shock syndrome? The alleged culprit: Kotex “Natural” Balance. (Yes, I put natural in quotes for a reason.) I know. It’s terrifying. Especially when you consider that the symptoms – fever, rash, muscle aches, vomiting or diarrhea, confusion, low blood pressure – could be mistaken for the flu. Tampon boxes give a Read More