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Mango Chia Pudding (No Sugar Added Dessert!)

Chia seeds are a funny little food. Just add water and they gel up into a gooey substance. What causes this gelling action? Chia seeds are hydrophilic which means they can take on a lot of liquid for their size.  This is because of it’s composition: 5% water, 19% protein, 33% oils, and 43% fibre, of which about half is soluble. The high amount of soluble fiber allows chia seeds to gel up in water. Hyped to a be a real superfood, they actually don’t measure up to their claims. Chia seeds are just another food with some nutritional benefits. I only occasional include them in my diet and feel best when it’s in a dessert. Chia pudding comes together quickly and the consistency is always satisfying. By blending mango with coconut milk, there is no need for additional sweeteners. I’m trying to avoid added sugars and fruit is a Read More

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Fresh Peach & Heirloom Tomato Salad

This salad recipe is part of Selva Beat’s Farm to Table Challenge. The rules: “Make at least one dish, utilizing only items bought at the farmer’s market. Spices and oils excluded, of course.”  And that’s exactly what I did. You can read more here about how I sourced the freshest produce at the farmers market and check out all the other fabulous recipes here. 

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Meals Straight from the Farmers Market

With early morning dew still on the ground, I grab my reusable grocery bags and I’m out the door. My neighbors are quiet, indulging in a few extra hours of sleep on Saturday morning. The farmers market is waiting and I want the best selection. The market crowds and things can sell out quickly. But I’ve learned this is not the norm in the rest of the country. Only one percent of all food sales come from farmers markets. Most food is bought from grocery stores or the massive super stores. And I get it. They’re convenient, reliable and I understand that people find comfort in the familiar.  Another argument I often hear against famers markets is that it is difficult to make a meal out of items purchased from the famers market alone. It requires multiple shopping trips and people just don’t have the time. Well I’m partnering with Read More

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Mango Avocado Salad with Fresh Ginger Dressing

Mango and avocado are like peanut butter and jelly, meant to be together. Their flavors compliment each other so well. I also view mango as the goddess of all fruit. Every other fruit is in awe of it’s seductive power. Little food carts around the city offer mango slices and mango on a stick. You’d think they were selling donuts by the way crowds line up for it. It is irresistibly, refreshingly satisfying. Give me mango over ice cream any day. Keep in mind though, mango is high in sugar content so I like to categorize it as actual dessert. This salad is inspired by a fabulous Japanese restaurant in my neighborhood. The mango and avocado are perfectly sliced and presented so beautifully. And the dressing is out of the world good. If you love ginger, this dressing will be a new favorite.

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Juicing vs Smoothies: Which is Better?

To juice or to smoothie? Both are exceedingly popular and both have their pros and cons. Let’s first become clear on one thing, juices and smoothies are not meals. All the weeklong juice cleanses touting health benefits are a nutritional disaster. Our bodies were designed with teeth for a reason. Biological needs are met when food is chewed. Yes, it’s true there is a lot of nutrition packed into one cup, yet the human body cannot run on a liquid diet. The act of chewing food actually begins the process of digestion. It starts in the mouth. When food it chewed it is mixed with amylase enzymes found in the saliva, which helps break down the food. This prepares it for the entire digestive system. The idea around juicing and smoothies is this, “let’s cram as many vegetables, fruits, powders, nut-butters and fancy superfoods into one cup and call it Read More