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Healing with Yoga: How Yoga Benefits Injuries

Injuries change our bodies forever. Once an ankle is sprained, an arm is fractured or a cut is made, a permanent mark remains for the rest of our lives. It is the methods of healing that can build a stronger body post-injury. Yoga has established therapeutic properties, allowing the body to move beyond the injury into a stronger whole body. I recently sat down with Ossi Raveh to discuss how yoga helps us heal by framing our injuries with a new mindset. Ossi is the founder of Brooklyn Yoga Project, an intimate yoga studio in Brooklyn with a mission of extending yoga principles into every part of your life. It is impossible to share my conversation with Ossi without first telling her story. A 40 foot fall abruptly ended Ossi’s dancing career.  The accident broke her entire body, shattering her knees, pelvis and changing life as she knew it. Once Read More

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Wellness Beets Episode #17: Natural Movement for Babies, Physical Therapy, and Yoga with Jennifer Cohen Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSHeads up! WBKitchen is an amazing company that creates grain free Paleo and SCD friendly treats including cookies and snack bars. These treats have amazing, well-sourced, and clean ingredients that are good for you, the planet, and your taste buds.   WBKitchen is kindly offering us a special discount from June 10th-June 30th! When you go to, just type in the discount code “BEETS15” at checkout.   Interview with Jennifer Cohen, Pediatric Physical Therapist and Children’s Yoga Teacher:  #1.  We first met you when you submitted a question to the podcast! So cool! When we chatted, we found out you are a pediatric physical therapist and teach yoga for kids and we wanted to learn more about what you do. Tell us a little bit about yourself. #2.  What do you think are some of the biggest benefits of kids Read More

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Apple Fennel Salad

Potlucks are one of the great community builders. Never underestimate the power of food in drawing people together. This past Sunday the owners of my yoga studio hosted a potluck for all the volunteers. We sat around a long wood table in candlelight sharing stories, yoga experiences and food. Some of us had never met, yet by the end of the evening we were all good friends. There was a certain welcoming energy in the space that made everyone feel at ease. The act of full participation, of the give and take exchange shows kindness and I think that’s the beauty of a potluck. Everyone feels included to partake on the same level. It’s also relatable. Food is the great commonality. We all have to eat and we all have opinions on food. The yoga studio is a place where health is valued and there is a general consensus of Read More

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Yoga Goes Beyond Health

I felt it in my fingers, the tingling spread throughout my body like a slow wave beginning at my extremities and working inward. The sensation lasted only a moment and made a lifelong impression. Yoga had made it’s first mark. At 17 I approached yoga cautiously. The trend was beginning to take hold and I experimented with classes at local gyms and casually at home. In my running days, I abandoned it to adrenaline rushes, not yet able to comprehend the necessity of rest and less strenuous  exercise. Running came to a hard stop when I injured my foot and I had no option but to slow my pace. I was still chasing adrenaline though and looked for yoga classes that challenged and resulted in a real sweat. Bikram yoga was it. My boyfriend (now husband) introduced me to my first class in 2010. We had just begun dating and Read More