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Meal Plan for Eating Disorder Recovery

Breakfast   Thick sourdough bread slathered in real butter and strawberry preserves. Whole milk blended up with protein powder and almond butter. This is my Monday morning breakfast. Wait a minute, gluten-filled bread? Real butter and whole milk? Blasphemy! This is a gluten –free and dairy-free blog, right? That time has passed. I am welcoming in all the foods. No restrictions. I have battled an eating disorder for ten years. Evidence of that is written all over this blog. Last fall I recommitted to weekly therapy sessions with an ED (eating disorder) specialist, and as I described Sparkle Kitchen in our first meeting the fog began to lift. My special protocols and elimination diets were blatantly feeding my disease.   Snack   Cheddar cubes and raw carrots. 10am snack. My therapist recommends using the following guideline to avoid any ED triggers: Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner Snack I was intermittent Read More

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Losing My Teeth Before 30

I walk into the dentist for my regularly scheduled cleaning. Two years had passed since my last visit. My teeth felt healthy and pain-free. After a routine brushing, flossing and probing, the dentist looks at me with deep concern. “I want you to see a periodontist. You may need surgery.” Surprised and confused, I leave the office with a clean mouth and a head full of worry. The periodontist shared my results very matter-of-factly. “You have 40 percent bone loss in your lower teeth.” Okay, and that means? He went on to explain that my teeth were losing bone around the root, where the tooth anchors into my mouth. If it continues, the teeth will detach from the root and fall out. Fall out. As in lose forever. Never to grow back. Toothless at 28. How exactly did this happen to me? I was healthy, I flossed daily and always Read More

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Self-Care Tips for Traveling

Spring break is over and signs of the new season are popping from the Earth. Bits of green grass and flowers are persevering over the lingering cool weather. The sun is lengthening the days. And my body is going through adjustments. After a bitterly cold winter and traveling throughout March there is much I want to shed before stepping into the new season. The cold drove me indoors more than I like, leading to less socializing and the travel has left me depleted. Between juggling time differences, healing from the flu, shocking my system with new foods and changes in weather, I’m ready to embrace spring and a new routine. I’m incredibly grateful for the past month’s travel experiences. Beginning with explorations across Italy with my sister and ending with discoveries in urban and rural Malaysia, I learned a great deal about the world and I’m excited to share all Read More

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Food Cravings & What They Really Say

Once the clock strikes 3 o’clock, my entire office heads for the candy cabinet. What causes this sugar craving? I’ve always wanted to get to the bottom of it and be able to say no to my afternoon fix. Most often it’s chocolate. It’s like my body has a chocolate meter and when my levels are too low, an alarm sounds. Other times, it’s chips or popcorn. That salty crunchiness calls to me and no other food will do. I know I’m not hungry so why is my body asking for these empty calories? Food cravings send us mixed signals so we have to carefully listen and evaluate what our body truly needs. They can be physical or psychological. Physical Cravings ►Lack of nutrients. Your body is not receiving adequate vitamins and minerals it needs for optimal performance. ►Hormone levels. For women, premenstrual cravings are common and the number 1 Read More

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4 Tips for a Guilt-Free Holiday (Eat the Pie!)

It’s Thanksgiving week. Let the overeating begin! Are you already worried about the excess food you’ll consume and how you’ll burn off those extra calories? I am. Or at least that’s my old brain talking. In the past I would strategically prepare for the big meal. Practically starve myself the week before and work out like crazy to burn as many calories as possible. Then wake up early Thanksgiving morning to work out for an hour and get in a walk post meal. After all that, I’d still beat myself up for eating that extra piece of pie. This year that old me is gone. No more holiday food guilt. This year I faced my eating disorder and vowed to get healthy. I have a new perspective focused on eating to live. The days of overindulging are over. Having to recover from a meal is not how I want to Read More