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Breaking Up with the 2015 Dietary Guidelines

Five years. Numerous new scientific findings. Zero progress. The 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans launched last week and the bad advice continues. It encourages multiple servings of refined grains, low-fat dairy, lean protein and limiting saturated fat. Here’s the recommended Healthy U.S.-Style Eating Pattern: Table in 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans Let’s break it down: GRAINS Six servings of grains are recommended per day, with three of those coming from refined grains. I have nothing against whole grains but to suggest that we consume the refined variety is one of the reasons we’re dealing with an obesity epidemic. Refined grains are white flour and white rice that have been processed to remove the most nutritious parts of the food. These are metabolized immediately in the body as glucose, spiking insulin levels. The day-after-day effects of this can and will eventually lead to diabetes. And the government wants us to consume Read More

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Wellness Beets – Episode 1: Meeting Your Hosts, Emotional Eating, Dry Skin, and Kelp Noodles Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSCome Chat with Us on Social Media! Brittany’s Facebook               Alex’s Facebook  Brittany’s YouTube              Alex’s YouTube Brittany’s Pinterest               Alex’s  Pinterest  Brittany’s Instagram               Alex’s Instagram    About Brittany and Alex Read all about Brittany by clicking here. Read all Alex by clicking here. Our Whole Health Philosophies We’re believers in whole body, big-picture health. We’re convinced that the connection between the mind and the body is inarguable and stress management is as important as what’s on your plate. Additionally, we agree that both alternative/function medicine and conventional medicine play a role in disease management and overall health. Much more on this in future episodes! How to make good food choices and emotional blocks to eating healthy There are lots of factors that Read More

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Not Going Nutty Over Nuts

Nuts generally fall under the health food category, touted for their healthy fat content and as a good source of protein. Then why do they make me feel bloated, gassy and sometimes itchy? Almonds, walnuts, pistachios and all other nuts may just be all hype. Why to not to go nutty over nuts Nuts are designed by nature to protect themselves, their function is to reproduce and keep their species alive. In certain animals nuts can even pass whole through their bodies to ensure reproduction. Because of this, they are quite difficult to digest. What makes them so difficult to digest is their high levels of phytic acid and this leads to those uncomfortable gassy, bloated effects. Phytic acid is an antinutrient that interferes with enzymes we need to digest our food. Human’s lack the enzyme, called phytase, needed to break it down.  It binds to minerals such as iron, Read More

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Prosciutto Wrapped Persimmons

A working lunch in the health conscious world seems to be a big faux pas. It’s important to practice mindful eating, taking time to enjoy your food so that your body properly absorbs all the nourishment. Work and food can play well together though when you’re in the right company. I spent the afternoon with my supremely talented friend learning how to achieve brand cohesion through photography. We didn’t have time for a complex meal so I kept our lunch simple. Prosciutto, persimmons and olives. I wanted to highlight how easy three ingredients can come together to create a complete meal. Prosciutto for protein, persimmons for carbs and olives for fat and carbs. It was just the right amount of fuel to get us through the afternoon and we also shared some plantain chips as a crunchy treat. The sweetness of the persimmons pairs wonderfully with the salty prosciutto. When Read More

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Nourishing Benefits of Fish Broth

Fish broth has been on my to-do list for months. The medicinal and nutritional properties blow all the other broths out of the water. Not only does it help build strong bones like the others, it also contains iodine, thyroid-strengthening substances and fat-soluble vitamins. For fish broth you use the whole head and carcass of any non-oily fish. Most white fish are non-oily, like red snapper, sole, rock fish or halibut. The oil from fish like salmon or tuna are susceptible to rancidity. Omega 3 fat found at high levels in these fish are delicate and cannot be heated over a certain temperature. I stopped by my local fish monger and bought a whole red snapper. Yes, I have a fish monger in my neighborhood. If you need an alternative source, ask any seafood counter at a grocery store to save the fish head and carcass for you. They typically Read More

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Festive Fizzy Drinks: Alcohol Alternatives

When I began my Bikram yoga practice, I gave up alcohol. The yoga room is 105 degrees and requires hydration. There is no way around it. You either come to class hydrated or suffer. One time I practiced after drinking 1 glass of wine the night before. My head was spinning and I thought I was going to suffocate most of the class. I choose hydration. I also choose health over a little drink that can set me back. My fitness level has always been important to me, but for many years I wasn’t willing to commit a hundred percent. I’d give into the peer pressure, drink the glass of wine and suffer the consequences. My alcohol tolerances fall way below the average and my body takes twice as long to recover. When my friends could put back four or five beers, I’d black out after my third and spend Read More