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Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil: Interview & Review

I eat fish four to five times per week. Most of it falls into the category of fatty fish, such as salmon, sardines, mackerel and trout. These carry some of the highest levels of bio-available omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA. I’ve written about the importance of these fats for brain health, fighting inflammation, a strong heart and healthy skin. But what if you can’t stomach fish? Fish oil supplements should do the trick, right? Not likely. Most are made with chemical fillers and the oil inside those capsules is rancid. Fish oil is super sensitive to heat, light and air, causing rancidity to occur very quickly during extraction of the oil from the fish. By taking a fish oil pill, you’re likely doing more harm than good. The Rosita family in Norway is changing all that. After years of practice and research, they have developed a delicate way to Read More

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Spicy Cajun Salmon Dip

A little late for Mardi Gras but I’m always in the mood for cajun spices. My foodie palate was set by my parents, who where heavily influenced by the flavors of New Orleans. We would take weekend trips to the festive city, solely for the purpose of eating. The weekend was spent feasting on the city’s finest. Oysters, jambalaya, blackened fish and world famous gumbo. Those cajun flavors will never leave me. This recipe is made with canned salmon to keep things simple. It’s one of those items I always have stocked in my pantry to ensure I eat enough omega 3s. The nutrition power that is omega 3 fatty acids continues to amaze me. Some psychiatrists are even beginning to prescribe omega 3 fats as a substitute or enhancer for antidepressant medications, 1 gram per day of EPA or EPA+DHA. Our brains are 80 percent fat, the highest of any Read More

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6 Tasty Sardine Recipes

It’s not easy getting enough omega 3s in your diet. Fish contains the highest amounts and we should be consuming at least three 4-oz. portions of oily fish per week. That’s a lot of fish! If we want to keep our omega 3 to omega 6 ratio balanced though, there is no easier way to do it. I wrote about the importance of this balancing act for combating inflammation in a previous article. Goodbye inflammation, hello sardines! Sardines contain more omega 3s than almost any other fish. These tiny fish pack in the nutrition. One of the very few natural sources of vitamin D, high in vitamin B12, selenium, calcium, Coenzyme Q10, iron, taurine, and protein, sardines are proven to aid in a healthy body. They’re been shown to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, alleviate arthritis symptoms, slow the growth rates of cancer cells, and even help battle Read More

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Fat: the Good, the Moderate, the Ugly

Friends often ask me, “what’s the most important thing to change about my diet?” I tell them to eat the right kinds of fat. This has been the biggest shift in my cooking. I’ve learned that fat is not the enemy. In fact, every cell in your body needs good fat to survive and thrive. So why then did I avoid it like the plague for years? The health community touted the low-fat diet as the be-all, end-all for years and I absorbed every piece of nutrition advice from the media. I think the general consensus for women particularly is to limit fat until we cave and have to eat a whole pan of brownies (What? Don’t act like you’ve never done it.) Documentaries like Forks Over Knives fed my brain with faulty science too. The movie advocates that a low-fat, plant-based diet will combat illnesses. I took it to Read More

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Coconut Crusted Cod with Asparagus Quinoa

From the time my husband and I moved in together, we’ve eaten a very similar diet. It just makes sense from an economics standpoint as well as making our lives easier when deciding on dinner. I think most families function this way. Growing up I ate whatever my parents put on the table and never considered that I may need different foods from my brothers. Well now I’m learning this is false. Men and women require different diets. I shared this with a friend the other day and she was surprised to hear it. Then I explained why and it totally made sense. Women need more carbohydrates than men in order to support their reproductive systems. We women need carbs for three reasons: 1. To get the “fed” signal to our reproductive systems 2. Provide enough energy to potential offspring 3. Support healthy thyroid function Carbohydrates play a vital role in telling the body that Read More

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Tuna Steak with Ginger Garlic Green Beans & Kohlrabi

We eat far more fish and seafood than meat. Since we’re still weaning ourselves off a mostly vegetarian diet, we only eat meat a couple times per week. Tuna is extra meaty so for now it’s the closest thing to steak cooking in our kitchen. Once I’m more confident in my meat cooking abilities I’ll post some recipes here. We did try a new vegetable though! I have this game where I like to go to the store, buy something interesting and then find out how to cook it later. This time it was kohlrabi. Kohlrabi tastes like a cross between a radish and a turnip. It’s more sweet than spicy so it pairs nicely with earthy vegetables. I had to use this helpful slideshow to find out how to cut up the odd shape. The most challenging part was the thin, tough rind on the outside. You have to use a Read More