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Crispy Potato Crust Breakfast Casserole

Sunday night is meal prep time for the week. I get anxiety when I have to buy meals from a cafe or restaurant. I like knowing what’s in my food. That’s the control freak in me. I don’t agree with the majority of common ingredients out there and I feel uncomfortable when I have to play twenty questions with a server. Since I’m on this body healing journey, compromising my health with a lunch cooked in canola oil really sets me back. To prevent that from happening I put  aside designated cooking time. Sometimes that’s only 30 minutes but I’m impressed with how much I can accomplish. This casserole took about an hour and saved me at least 20 minutes each day this week. So worth it! I love the vegetable combination in this dish. Asparagus, onions and mushrooms work so well together. My husband loathes mushrooms so I try to add Read More