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Sugar Woes and Avoiding Added Sugar

Chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, glazed donuts, coconut cream pie, who can resist the temptation of sugar? Not many. It’s strongly linked to the raising obesity rates throughout the world. Sugar is addictive and once we introduce it to our bodies every day, our brains begin to tell us we need it. A hundred years ago, US adults consumed 2 pounds of sugar per person per year. Fast forward to present day and the average person eats 150 pounds per year. That’s half a pound of sugar per day. Half a pound! How have our sugar intakes risen so high? Sugar is in everything we consume. Breakfast cereals, pasta, bread, salsa, protein bars, deli meat, bottled beverages, it all contains sugar. All the foods touted as healthy and marketed to the world contain sugar in some form. To understand why, we have to look back to the beginning of the Read More