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Self-Care Tips for Traveling

Spring break is over and signs of the new season are popping from the Earth. Bits of green grass and flowers are persevering over the lingering cool weather. The sun is lengthening the days. And my body is going through adjustments. After a bitterly cold winter and traveling throughout March there is much I want to shed before stepping into the new season. The cold drove me indoors more than I like, leading to less socializing and the travel has left me depleted. Between juggling time differences, healing from the flu, shocking my system with new foods and changes in weather, I’m ready to embrace spring and a new routine. I’m incredibly grateful for the past month’s travel experiences. Beginning with explorations across Italy with my sister and ending with discoveries in urban and rural Malaysia, I learned a great deal about the world and I’m excited to share all Read More

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Top Paleo Travel Foods

March is right around the corner and you know what that means?! Adult Spring Break! I think we all deserve a break after February to serve as a marker for transition into the new season. Especially after this snow-filled, icy cold winter. This year I have some exciting trips planned that include very long flights. To prepare, I made a list of all the travel foods I’ll need for the journey. Airport food has progressed a great deal in the last five years and you can actually find some healthy options. With a rise in quality there is also a rise in price. If you want to eat sushi or a grass-fed burger while waiting for your flight, be prepared to pay twice the standard amount. Food options on the flight are another story entirely. We all know those meals are pathetic to begin with so when you throw in Read More