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Interview with Jennifer Cohen, Pediatric Physical Therapist and Children’s Yoga Teacher: 

#1.  We first met you when you submitted a question to the podcast! So cool! When we chatted, we found out you are a pediatric physical therapist and teach yoga for kids and we wanted to learn more about what you do. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

#2.  What do you think are some of the biggest benefits of kids doing yoga? What are the things you see the most?

#3.  Yoga is so great for everyone. Do you see kids who are resistant to the idea? How do you advise parents to deal with this problem?

#4. When we chatted, you brought up this really fascinating topic of alignment and natural movement for babies. So, so interesting! Can you walk us through how you think about this?

#5. It makes so much sense that we create an unnatural, movement less environment for babies that get them set up for future problems. What are your best tips for parents?

#6.  What are your thoughts on strollers, baby harnesses, shoes, and toys?

#7. Where can people learn more about you and get in touch with you?

Connect with Jennifer at: www.luvwhatyoudo.net and [email protected]


Here are some resources that Jennifer recommends:

►APTA – Physical Therapist’s Guide to Container Baby Syndrome 

►Children’s Hospital of Atlanta

►Tummy Time Tools (I love this one because it’s not just tummy time but holding too)

►Where Jennifer did her certification: http://rainbowkidsyoga.net/


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