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Join Brittany at her next Healing Foods Workshop, Saturday, August 15th in Brooklyn – go to the events page to register.  

And if you’re a blogger in the New York area, check out the NYC Food Blogger Meet-up Group.  

Alex and Megan of GingerNewtrition are soon releasing a 4 part video series all about adrenal fatigue and hormonal imbalances.  The videos are packed full of valuable information that you can start using right away so sign up here to stay up to date.  

Alex will also be a guest on the Barbells and Bone Broth podcast with Kelsey Albers so keep your eyes out for that!

Ayurvedic Diet
We talk about how the ayurvedic concepts were started and why someone might be interested in incorporating these ideas into their overall approach to health.  However, we also get into the drawbacks of isolating your approach to health to just a few variables.  Additionally, we end up discussing similar problems with Western Medicine, how Traditional Chinese Medicine compares, and the importance of working with a health care provider.

Reading list: How Doctors Think


Paperless Products: A Question from Amanda
“Hello ladies,

Found your podcast last week and I have been in podcast heaven. Do you know what it is like when you stumble on a new paleo podcast? Podcast heaven! Keep up with them – I LOVE your styles!

My questions for you is do you have anything on reusable napkins/towels? I feel like I go through so much paper towel waste! Also, is there a danger to using these paper products on a daily basis so close to our body? I have heard a rumor toilet paper and paper towels contain BPA! Oh no!

Also dumb question but how specifically do I leave a review on itunes? I tried and cannot figure it out. Silly me.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Paper Product Alternatives:
SKOY towels
Microfiber cloths

An article on the BPA content in paper products


We also let people know how to leave a review on iTunes.  You have to go to the Wellness Beets Show Page in iTunes (click the link on the left) and then go to the “Reviews” tab to leave one.  


We talk about the most common question we get about prebiotics: “Why are prebiotics now more talked about than probiotics?”

Brittany and Alex discuss how both prebiotics and probiotics have been studied in literature when it comes to the quantity and quality of your gut microbacteria.  We also discuss how you can get prebiotics through a whole food diet, as well as a supplements that can be used if you’re really struggling with things like constipation and poor digestion…and why it’s important to approach this supplement with caution.

Alex talks about prebiotics and probiotics in this article on constipation.


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