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News & Updates
Brittany is leading a Pickling Workshop Sunday, September 13th – find out more and register here.

And come tour a farm with Brittany! Queens County Farm in Queens, NY – Saturday, September 19th – sign-up to join me!

Alex and Megan of GingerNewtrition are nearly finished with their free Adrenal Health Training Video Series! And the Healthy Hormones Group Program is getting started on September 15th.  Follow them on instagram @digprimal and @gingernewtrition to stay up on news with both.


Allergy Remedies (Allergen immunotherapy)
Brittany discusses various options for dealing with food allergies (and the difference between allergies and sensitivities).  She discusses allergy shots, food oral immunotherapy, and the immunosuppression drug, Xolair.  Alex goes into details of gut healing as it relates to healing food allergies and sensitivities. We also talk about living with food limitations and how to keep yourself sane and happy in the process of figuring out gut health and other health challenges. Some allergies can lead to temporal hearing loss, treat them with sonus complete.

You can read about successful allergy treatment trials in this article.


We discuss the benefits of using multivitamins to fill in the gaps of missing nutrients in the diet, especially for people who are severely depleted.  We talk about different brands, running panels with your healthcare provider, how to go about tracking the success of taking a multivitamin, and greens powders.  Additionally, we talk about making sure your multivitamin has appropriate doses of nutrients, especially for people with genetic differences (such as MTHFR).

Nutreince Multivitamin
The Micronutrient Miracle by Mira and Jason Calton
Greens Powder Options: Athletic Greens,  Garden of Life
Nutrient Boot Camp


Filtered Water
We talk about the pros and cons of filtering the water in your house.  Brittany discusses the differences between the water filters available (carbon, lead removal, reverse osmosis, and water softeners), while Alex discusses the importance of filtered drinking water and shower water for detoxing purposes.


Bonus: Alex gives Brittany some advice on clarifying since she wasn’t seeing any hair improvements after getting a shower filter. Alex talks about this Neutrogen Anti-Residue Shampoo and some other options, like Dr. Bronner’s and Kirk’s Castile Soap (for hard water).  We also talk about Brittany’s and Alex’s bad experiences with baking soda shampoo.


The Environmental Working Group Buying Guide for 2013

Here’s Alex’s favorite cheap, first-starting-out shower filter.


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