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News & Updates
Check out Brittany’s YouTube channel for new content popping up all the time. Alex and Megan of GingerNewtrition are working on a new Detoxing for Hormone Health Program coming out in just a few short months so if you’re interested, pop on over to this email list for all the updates to follow (even though this is the page for our Healthy Hormones Group Program, it’ll get you on the right list…all things we’re working out currently!).


Prenatal Multivitamins
Alex discusses how she came to the decision to start incorporating a multivitamin into her prenatal care and why she chose the Nutreince multivitamin by Mira and Jason Calton for all those needs. We talk about nutrient absorption/bioavailability, appropriate doses of nutrients, and MTHFR needs.


Losing the Last 5 Pounds
We both discuss our experiences with trying to lose those last 5 pounds and all the health consequences that followed as a result. (Spoiler alert: those stories aren’t great.) We also talk about resistant weight loss, leptin/ghrelin insensitivity, and whether those last 5 pounds matter for overall health.


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