Wellness Beets Episode #24: Significant Other Eating Styles & Finding a Yoga Practice

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News & Updates

Brittany –  Join Brittany at her Kombucha Workshop, Saturday, August 15th in Brooklyn – go to the events page to register.  

And if you’re a blogger in the New York area, check out the NYC Food Blogger Meet-up Group.  


Alex – Alex and Megan of GingerNewtrition are soon releasing a 4 part video series all about adrenal fatigue and hormonal imbalances.  The videos are packed full of valuable information that you can start using right away so sign up here to stay up to date.  

Alex will also be a guest on the Barbells and Bone Broth podcast with Kelsey Albers so keep your eyes out for that!


Husband/Significant Other Eating Styles
We discuss how we live and thrive with our significant others who eat differently from us.  We talk about how to deal with cooking multiple meals for all the members of your family and how we deal with bringing non-healthy foods into the house. Additionally, we get into how to encourage a family to embrace a certain eating style when you believe that it’s the best thing for their health.

Additionally, we mention the how dietary needs differ and it’s not possible to eat the same foods all the time. Read why many women need more carbs here.


Yoga Practices
Brittany goes into detail about all the different yoga styles and how they can be used for different health purposes. (She also refers to this comprehensive article on the different yoga styles.) We discuss what yoga has done for each of us and how we practice on a daily/weekly basis.  We also talk about how to use yoga as an adjunct to other forms of exercise and as a tool for gaining more stillness in your life.

Free Yoga Resources:
Yoga by Candace

Yoga classes on Grokker.com

Yoga classes on Hulu.com


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