Wellness Beets Episode #36: Trisha Hughes on GAPS Diet, Intuitive Eating and Pretty Food

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In this episode Brittany interviews Trisha Hughes. Trisha is the creator behind Eat Your Beets, a website dedicated to wholesome & easy family friendly recipes. She’s paired her passion for feeding her family gluten free, nutritious fare while also making sure she keeps a healthy balance with occasional sweet treats.

An avid traveler, she & her husband love taking their 4 children on adventures & believe the best way to truly experience any new place is through their stomachs! She loves the art of storytelling through food and her images have inspired others, creating an opportunity for her to teach food photography through her ebook, Eat Pretty Things, & at her in-person workshops.

Trisha Hughes
Trisha and Brittany discuss:

  • Following the GAPS diet to heal eczema for her 1 year old son. He saw results in one week. You can read the full GAPS story here.
  • The intensity of GAPS detoxing and die-off period
  • The challenges of feeding four kids with one on the GAPS diet
  • How to prep travel meals on the GAPS diet – Read her article for more: Tips for Traveling While On GAPS
  • Where to turn to for community support and resources for GAPS diet. See the resources links below and Trisha’s article is a good place to begin too: I Just Started My Child On GAPS. What Should I Expect?
  • Meal Prepping vs. Meal Planning. Trisha offered a wonderful kitchen mantra when planning any meal, “Protein. Vegetable. Vegetable.”
  • Eating intuitively and not subscribing to one specific diet
  • Getting kids involved in cooking. Trisha says, “I’m not the only person eating so why should I be the only one cooking.”
  • Trisha’s kitchen wisdom and handy tips to save time
  • Staying inspired by eating seasonally



Resources for the GAPS Diet ebook – FREE – scroll down the sidebar of the page

The GAPS Class by Melanie Christner

GAPS Club by Sheila Walsh Dunton

Celebrate Harvest – Thanksgiving recipe ebook – FREE


Find all of Trisha’s recipes and resources on eatyourbeets.com and connect with her on Instagram and Pinterest.

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