Making Gratitude a Daily Practice


Every year on Thanksgiving my husband and I take a Gratitude Walk. It’s a tradition we practice to remind us of all we have to thankful for in our lives.

We set aside time to walk for an hour and take turns offering lines of appreciation. Beginning simply with, “I’m grateful for you” to “I’m grateful for Grandpa’s corny jokes.” 

My inspiration wall includes a quote that I repeat throughout the day. “Gratitude is a practice. Make it a priority.” It serves as a reminder of awareness, forces me to be present and keeps life in perspective. I write down three things I’m grateful for everyday in a special journal. And my husband and I share these with each other. Gratitude should not be reserved for Thanksgiving. It plays an important role all year.

Thanksgiving is the one holiday though that celebrates gratitude. This universal language that unifies the country. I’m thankful for this dedicated time and wanted to share the beginning of my list to inspires others to create one of their own. The list can be filled with anything at all. Gratitude has no rules.

30 Things I’m Grateful for this Year 

►My present life.
►My incredible husband.
►My loving, supportive family.
►All of my wonderful, unique friends.
►My health.
►Daily journal and meditation practice.
►My home.
►Living in Brooklyn.
►Technology that allows me to keep up with friends and family.
►The Bikram Yoga Park Slope community.
►Laughing until my belly aches every day.
►Surrounding myself with people who are filled with positivity and love for the world.
►Accepting my eating disorder.
►Willingness to ask for help.
►Freedom to share my thoughts, opinions and art with the world.
►Walks in Prospect Park and hikes away from the city sounds.
►Access to healthy food.
►Home cooked meals with my husband and friends.
►Books that challenge me to be a better person.
►Seeing the world through a camera lens.
►Daily morning dance parties.
►All the friends who have stayed at our home this year.
►The opportunity to pursue dreams.
►Every moment with my grandparents.
►Public transportation and not having to ever drive a car again.
►Ability to travel all over the country this year.
►Wool socks and puffy coats in winter.
►Ability to pursue the life I choose to live.