Wellness Beets Episode #35: Safely Stopping Birth Control, Myomas, and Fixing Alignment

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Safely Stopping Birth Control
Question by Katie:
I have been diagnosed with endometriosis and PCOS since I was 23–I just turned 31. I’ve been on Nuvaring for about 7 years to “control” my endo while consequently I believe to be adding to my more aesthetic symptoms of PCOS i.e. hair loss and weight gain. I also get crazy irritable and suffer a terribly low libido which has been a negative factor in my relationship.

I will be seeing my endocrinologist tomorrow and want to talk about stopping hormonal birth control. I eat a fairly Paleo-esque diet but have not tried AIP. I do cardio and strength train 2-3x a week but am still about 25 lbs overweight (lots of belly fat). I guess the question of this long ramble is if you had suggestions on the transition period getting off birth control? I imagine 7 years of fake hormones could make for a nasty detox. Thanks so much!”

Alex discusses many aspects of this question, including why people tend to be put on birth control in the first place and why she doesn’t agree with that particular class of thought. She also discusses why detoxing pathway support is so crucial for restoring hormonal cycle health and how cleaning up your environment is a big key to that as well. She also discuss nutrient density and keys to mindset changes when making the switch away from hormonal birth control.


How to Slow Down or Reverse Growth of Uterine Myomas
Alex answers a question about uterine myomas and how they are related in thought to endometriosis with some key differences. In the answer, there’s a lot of talk about the role that the immune system has in dealing with recognizing abnormal cell growth and cleaning it up. Then we talk about supporting the immune system through the autoimmune protocol and different supplements/foods that can help it along.

Nutreince Vitamin
Autoimmune Paleo by Sarah Ballantyne


Posture and How to Go About Improving Your Alignment
Alex answers a question about how to start to change your alignment from a beginner’s standpoint (especially if you’ve done something like dance in the past and have a lot of things to work on!).  She comments on how to start from fixing your feet first as the basis of good alignment and then works her way up to the hips, spine, rib cage, and shoulder girdle.

Move Your DNA by Katy Bowman


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