Wellness Beets Episode #28: The Alternative Medicine Controversy, Interpreting Studies, and Preserving Vegetables

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News & Updates
Brittany talks about her recent experience with a Meditation Workshop, the amazing stuff going on over at the Sparkle Kitchen YouTube Show, and the Farmers Market Challenge she’s taking part in this week.

Alex talks all about the fun happening over in the Healthy Hormones Group Program (contact support@healthyhormonesgroupprogram if you’re interested in the next group!) and what’s new over in Nutrient Boot Camp.


Alternative Medicine Controversy
We’re pretty passionate about the balance between alternative and conventional medicine so we really dig into how this topic is trending right now. We discuss this article here about a doctor’s journey away from alternative medicine based on his experience with his 2 autistic kids and also how the alternative medicine approach has been changing in the eyes of large institutions. We specifically talk about websites from University of Maryland and University of Michigan. We also talk about the merits of the placebo effect and why it’s incredibly undervalued.

The U.S. government also created this department to fund more studies in alternative medicine: National Institute of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine


Media Misinterprets Scientific Studies
We discuss the fake Chocolate Study (“According to researchers at Germany’s Institute of Diet and Health, people who ate dark chocolate while dieting lost more weight.”) and how it got published. We also talk generally about interpreting research studies and the inter-workings of how studies are conducted, funded, and published.  We mention the New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of the American Medical Associations and Chris Kresser’s article on How to Read and Understand Scientific Research.


Preserving Vegetables
We discuss canning, pickling, freezing (and blanching!), and fermenting fruits and veggies while the produce is abundant this time of year. We also discuss Brittany’s amazing silicone freezer bags find and her How to Make Pickles Video.


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