Wellness Beets Episode #16: Anemia, Non-Toxic Cleaning Products, and Natural Hydration


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Today’s Podcast Topics

The main thing to note with anemia is that it’s best to closely monitor your levels with a health care provider (every 3-6 months, or so).  For a complete list of iron food sources, which are usually more effective than supplements, this post has all the details. But for a non-constipating iron supplement source, iron bisglycinate is relatively easy on the GI tract.


Natural Cleaning Products:
We like having an arsenal of ingredients at home to use for everything which includes vinegars (apple cider vinegar or white), tea tree oil, baking soda, witch hazel, borax, essential oils, dried lavender (for mothball prevention and as a dryer sheet replacement), Dr. Bronner’s castile soaps, and microfiber cloths.  

Soap Nuts are a great alternative to conventional laundry soap. 

Brittany loves these wool dryer balls for maintaining clothing new-ness: Smart Sheep 100% Wool Dryer Balls

Room freshener: essential oils and water in spray bottle

Furniture polish: 4-to-1 ratio of olive oil and vinegar with a few drops of lemon oil

Dishwasher solution: Brittany uses Dr. Bronner’s Orange Soap and Alex uses this mix (that works for hard water)

Floor cleaner recipe

Fruit and Vegetable Rinse

Scouring Powder

Chemical Free Disinfecting Wipes

Glass and Window Cleaner


Hydration Sources:
We love water with himalayan pink salt, coconut water, sparkling (mineral) water, and homemade gatorade mixes (like this one by Laura from myradicalroots.com).  We also talk about considerations with water such as the sustainability factor, timing around meals, and our thoughts on alkaline water.


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Wellness Beets Episode #10: Detoxing with Megan Rand of Ginger Newtrition

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Interview with Megan Rand 
Megan is a functional diagnostic nutritionist…you can read all about her awesome approach to holistic health on her website: gingernewtrition.com. She has helped people with all sorts of problems, from weight issues, skin problems, gut dysfunction, and infertility (just to name a few).  But in this episode, we picked her brain about healthy detoxing.  And it was awesome.

These are all the questions–and there are even more!–that we addressed in this interview:

Question #1: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came into nutrition?

Question #2: How did you get interested in detoxification issues? Why did you think it was so important to use an elimination diet as well as the other detox interventions?

Question #3: How do you diagnose detoxification issues? What is bio-individuality?

Question #4: How do you go about addressing detoxification issues? How does a person find their own customized plan?

Question #5: What do you think are the most high yield day-to-day things a person can do to support detox pathways? How do you feel about things like dry skin brushing, oil pulling, and tongue scraping?

Question #6: What are the benefits of your adrenal cocktail recipe?


Where to find Megan:

Website – gingernewtrition.com

Instagram – gingernewtrition

Facebook – gingernewtrition


Megan’s Spring Detox

Go to digprimal.com/springdetox for more information about detoxing and free content that helps you go through Megan’s Spring Detox.  You’ll find all the details about the program through there!

Megan also has a free webinar coming up about the Spring Detox so keep your eyes peeled on her social media accounts and website for more information.


Lastly, stay tuned for Megan and Alex’s Detox for Hormonal Health Webinar Series. 


We love questions! Send us yours at [email protected]


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