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Alignment and Natural Movement:

Hear about how we set up our home offices: Brittany does more standing, Alex changes up ways to sit on the floor.

Movement throughout the day: incorporating movement into breaks, our take on treadmill desks, functional movements and varied positions, setting timers, and the importance of being outside.

Grounding mats: read more about them on

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Changing Food Preferences:

Making changes from breakfast can be the most challenging thing.  Here are our oatmeal-type alternatives:

►9 Paleo Oatmeal Alternatives up on 

►Paleo Pumpkin Mash

►Cranberry and Spaghetti Squash Mash

Alex’s experience with Paleo Baked Goods when first starting Paleo and how Brittany went way too low carb: feeling satiated from good carbs and fat sources (sweet potatoes, ghee, coconut oil) can set up a better baseline for making new, positive food choices.

Changing food preferences in family: exposure, hiding things appropriately, no pressure, and trying a bite.

How to make changes slowly.

Nutty Over Nuts

►Nuts are designed by nature to protect themselves; because of this, they are quite difficult to digest.  This difficulty in digesting stems from phytic acids, missing enzymes, and how minerals are bound.

►Other nut considerations: omega 6s and inflammation, as well as co-processing with unstable oils.

►How to prepare nuts in a more digest-friendly way: soaking (for about 8 hours), sprouting, dehydrating, and roasting.  More on how to sprout buckwheat.

►Almond flour vs Nut Butters

►Fun cashew fact!

►Nut recommendations: use an elimination diet to find your perfect balance, as well as sourcing and preparing as needed.

►Alex’s favorite use for nuts: homemade Larabars!

►Important legume considerations and comparison to nuts.

►Find the helpful guide on Brittany’s blog, Not Going Nutty Over Nuts.


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