Wellness Beets – Episode 3: Body Alignment, Natural Movement, Changing Food Preferences, and Going Nutty Over Nuts

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Alignment and Natural Movement:

Hear about how we set up our home offices: Brittany does more standing, Alex changes up ways to sit on the floor.

Movement throughout the day: incorporating movement into breaks, our take on treadmill desks, functional movements and varied positions, setting timers, and the importance of being outside.

Grounding mats: read more about them on wellnessmama.com

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Changing Food Preferences:

Making changes from breakfast can be the most challenging thing.  Here are our oatmeal-type alternatives:

►9 Paleo Oatmeal Alternatives up on sparklekitchen.com 

►Paleo Pumpkin Mash

►Cranberry and Spaghetti Squash Mash

Alex’s experience with Paleo Baked Goods when first starting Paleo and how Brittany went way too low carb: feeling satiated from good carbs and fat sources (sweet potatoes, ghee, coconut oil) can set up a better baseline for making new, positive food choices.

Changing food preferences in family: exposure, hiding things appropriately, no pressure, and trying a bite.

How to make changes slowly.

Nutty Over Nuts

►Nuts are designed by nature to protect themselves; because of this, they are quite difficult to digest.  This difficulty in digesting stems from phytic acids, missing enzymes, and how minerals are bound.

►Other nut considerations: omega 6s and inflammation, as well as co-processing with unstable oils.

►How to prepare nuts in a more digest-friendly way: soaking (for about 8 hours), sprouting, dehydrating, and roasting.  More on how to sprout buckwheat.

►Almond flour vs Nut Butters

►Fun cashew fact!

►Nut recommendations: use an elimination diet to find your perfect balance, as well as sourcing and preparing as needed.

►Alex’s favorite use for nuts: homemade Larabars!

►Important legume considerations and comparison to nuts.

►Find the helpful guide on Brittany’s blog, Not Going Nutty Over Nuts.


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Book Review: Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain: Meals Made Simple

Danielle Walker is touring the country to spread the message about her latest and greatest cookbook, Meals Made Simple. I was thrilled when I found out she would be doing a book signing in NYC. The best part about my health journey is meeting the people who inspired me to begin it in the first place. Danielle suffered for many years until she discovered her disease could be treated through diet. She took her health into her own hands and by sharing her story and recipes, she is changing thousands of lives. 

Danielle Walker - Meals Made Simple

During the book signing I asked Danielle how her husband helped throughout the major diet-lifestyle shift. She said that he was the one who actually led to her full commitment. Every time he ate or brought home a non-approved food, she would be tempted to have a bite and she’d suffer the consequences. So he told her he was making all the same changes. They would do it together. It was the only way. He couldn’t bear to see her in pain anymore. I like understanding how other families manage food allergies. My list of intolerances and allergens is lengthy and my husband has a more resilient gut so there are items he keeps in the house that I must avoid, mostly cheese and nuts. Before I understood the impact of these foods on my system I’d slip and have a bite now and then. The last time I did that three months ago I ended up with a head cold and hives. Not worth it. Now my husband helps keep me in check with my food choices.

Danielle Walker - Meals Made Simple

So back to the cookbook. I love everything Danielle creates and this book is gorgeous! 100 gluten-free and dairy-free recipes, each featuring a full page photo, 8 weeks of meal plans + shopping lists, a dietary restriction guide and tips for making it all simple. My favorite feature is the photo recipe index at the back of the book. I’m a visual person and I love seeing what the recipe will look like before I make it. The photos are beautiful, clean and highlight the foods in each dish.

Danielle uses familiar ingredients. Everything can be found in any major grocery store. Her recipes are approachable, each broken down into easy steps. She has recreated some of my childhood favorites like beef stroganoff and chicken and rice casserole. Basic, delicious and comforting. I tried two recipes last week, Pepperoni Pizza Pasta and Thyme-Roasted Fennel and Carrots.

Danielle Walker - Meals Made Simple

Danielle Walker - Meals Made Simple

Okay, the carrots are possibly the best I’ve ever had! And the pasta, well all I can say is that everyone should make it immediately. I was really sad when I took the last bite of leftovers yesterday. Danielle literally took pepperoni pizza and turned it into pasta. You’ll love how little effort it takes to make too.

At the book signing, I wanted to personally thank her for easing the transition to an allergen free diet. Check out her book and I know you’ll be just as grateful.