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Sleep Hygiene and Bedtime Rituals
Brittany’s bedtime ritual involves turning off most lights and all electronics 1 hour before bed. (Alex does something similar but also wears these amber tinted glasses.)  She also tries to shut down mentally by reading non-fiction and journaling before bed.  Brittany’s main rule: the bedroom is for sex and sleep…and Alex agrees. Get rid of all extra stuff and clutter while you’re at it!

Alex does things very similarly to Brittany.  Alex’s sleep hacks are described here (she does these things every night but especially relevant when she’s switching between day and night shifts). And her bedtime routine is described in detail in this post.

Dealing With Doctors
Alex and Brittany both get personal about their experiences with doctors…and Alex goes into her experience with being on the other side.

Alex’s experiences and best advice are in a 2 part blog series on the subject: part 1 and part 2.

Click here to get the free PDF summary and worksheets that go along with the blog series and this podcast episode!

Brittany also prepares well to go into appointments and follows up about questions through email with her primary care provider.

Food Swap: Coconut Milk for Dairy
Brittany gives her best tips and tricks for swapping out coconut milk for dairy products.  She’s got a huge blog post for 28 Uses for Coconut MIlk.  One of the best is adding it to Scrambled Eggs as a substitute for creme fraiche.

Both Alex and Brittany buy the Native Forest, Let’s Do Organic, and Natural Value brands. The Natural Value brand is the only one with no guar gum and the one that comes in a BPA-free liner can.

Alex’s recipes for homemade full-fat coconut milk is here. She also has made a recipe called The Coconut Milk Fakeout for her little sister who wanted something that had the texture and taste of normal milk.  Alex also likes making dairy-free coconut milk kefir as an alternative to getting probiotics.


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