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This episode is an amazing Q&A with our friend, Megan Rand from
GingerNewtrition! She’s a wealth of knowledge on these topics and since we knew that we were having her on the show, we asked for reader questions for anything and everything hormonally and adrenally related.

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@tideandhoney: “I have endometriosis and now am 99% sure adrenal fatigue.  I’m afraid years of ibuprofen use caused leaky gut. Any ideas for pain relief that doesn’t include NSAIDs? Nothing herbal works.  My endo is severe and debilitating on day 1 on my cycle.  I eat paleo and avoid all sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and chemicals.  I take turmeric but it doesn’t help my pain.”

Also with that question from @evelynbuni: “I second the question from @tideandhoney.  But also, what can I do to get better? I’ve done a lot of work with NDs, acupuncture, liver work, etc. and my cycles are not getting better.  My lifestyle, diet, etc have all been addressed for years now.”

Saccharomyces Boulardii
Down There for Women by Katy Bowman
We mention this post on using NSAIDs and minimizing gut damage.


Skin Issues:
@mweyers23: “My skin has been freaking and breaking out especially on my back more and more over the past 2 years.  It almost seems hormonally related? Are there tests I could have done to see if everything’s in order or not? I do suspect I have some more mild leaky gut issues.  I guess i just don’t understand the hormonal side of things and want to learn more.”

@tideandhoney: “Can we also discuss skin issues with adrenal fatigue? I have a red rash that comes and goes throughout the month of my face and it’s so frustrating! Not acne, just red patches.  I never had this previously. I would also like to hear comments about adrenal fatigue and estrogen dominance.”


@gourmetcavegirl: “My hormones were basically non existent. My doctor have me Hormone Protect and then also prescribed me progesterone for the last half of my cycle. I feel amazing when I take it.  My libido is back, I sleep better, my mood is better. How can I keep this feeling at the beginning of the month?”

@healthandbeing: “What’s your take on progesterone to balance low progesterone levels and balance hormones versus trying a nutrition and supplement approach.  Also, I have been prescribed 50 mg and am wondering, if I do decide to take this and go this route, is that too small a dose? I have read that if you take a low dose,  it can actually have the effect of lowering your levels as your body might start producing less progesterone in response to a low dose.  I’m being followed by a great doc and I know you can’t give medical advice but am wondering what your experience has been with these issues and if you can offer any thoughts.  I have AF, Hashimotos, low progesterone, leaky gut, and MTHFR.”


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