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Brittany talks about her adventures in Local Eats Project and her most recent Dairy-Free Eggnog video.  Alex chats about her and Megan’s (of GingerNewtrition) new Detox Skin Care Guide coming out January…keep an eye out on Instagram for free content all about that.


We discuss the new release of GMO salmon and how it is made (crossed an Atlantic Salmon with Pacific-Chinook Salmon with added DNA from an eel-like ocean pout). We also talk about how many retailers are deciding to not carry it, as well as an interesting new movie about the topic that Brittany found out about: Consumed, The Movie.


We talk about Brittany’s repeat experiences with the 21 Day Sugar Detox and how she inspired Alex to cut back on her processed sugar intake as well. We talk briefly about food restriction and how we respond to it.


Brittany talks about the Inquiring Minds podcast interview with Robert Sapolsky and how it prompted her to think about the importance of actually enjoying your stress management tools.  We talk about a rat study and the growth/destruction of neurons in response to stressful exercise, just as an example. Alex talks about the real, physiological outputs in response to doing something that stresses you out.


We talk about cricket flour as a sustainable protein source, and a source of a novel combination of micronutrients and vitamins (like calcium, iron, B12). We talk about our reactions to eating bugs and how the rest of the world views the role of insects in a regular diet.  Lastly, we talk about products we plan to try and fun ways to get in those crickets.


Bitty Foods (cookies)
Exo Bars (coconut nut, peanut butter and jelly)
Cricket flour on Amazon
Six Foods (cricket chips)
Eat A Bug Cookbook (for the very brave!)


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