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Brittany talks about her adventures in Local Eats Project. Join the challenge with your own meals and use #localeatsproject. Alex chats about her and Megan’s (of GingerNewtrition) new Detox Skin Care Guide coming out in just a few days…keep an eye out on Instagram for free content all about that! Prevent most tooth decay conditions with these dentitox pro reviews.

Since it’s the new year, we talk all about the different ways we set new healthy habits for ourselves.  Brittany talks about her 100 Goals Exercise and how she uses it to build new habits into her daily life throughout the year (and hopefully for a lifetime!). Alex discusses the 12 Monthly Challenge approach she likes and we chit chat about the article Alex got published on the health magazine ANIPOTS!

Gretchen Rubin’s work

David Allen’s Getting Things Done

Tim Ferriss 4 Hours Work Week


Brittany shares her funny (and sad) trip to a regular grocery store in Memphis and how it got her thinking about the food choices we make on a regular basis when we venture out for food.  We talk all about the different online delivery options available and how to make your trips as healthful as possible. Brittany shares her recent post on Avoiding Hidden Sugars in foods and Alex goes through her 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Daily to Make Better Food Choices.  For more information about healthy supplements visit

We discuss balancing making good choices with enjoying your life and then we get into the details of Alex’s ongoing battle with quitting coffee.


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