Wellness Beets Episode #43: Alex’s Goodbye and What We’re Up To Next

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We talk about some really big news: Alex is leaving the show! We talk about how we came to this decision, what type of thinking went into it, and how sad we are to have this go down! But we also talk about the future of the podcast and how Brittany plans to take it to a whole new level.

Alex explains why she had to make the difficult decision and that sparks a conversation on the Art of Saying “No.” Brittany and Alex both share advice on what helps them and how saying no is a way to say yes to your best self.

This is Your Brain on Nature


Alex is taking the time to focus on the future of the Healthy Hormones Group Program, as well as a whole-food, natural detoxification support Detox program along with Megan of GingerNewtrition.  In the fall, she’s also going to be premiering a gut health and support coaching membership site…so stayed tuned for that!

To learn more about the Winter Detox starting February 18th, check out this page.


Brittany is launching the amazing RADIATE Mastermind program! It is a support system for women to feel happier, more fulfilled, at peace, and in charge of their life.
Learn more here:

RADIATE Mastermind: The mastermind for women seeking momentum and joy!

She also discusses her brand new cookbook coming out in March (and talks about some extra special sardine recipes in it!).  


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Wellness Beets Episode #34: Bacon Drama, Gluten Free Bread and Other Podcasts

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Show Supporter: Wild Zora Meat & Veggie Bars 
Wild Zora Meat & Veggie Bar
Alex and I are always looking for nutrient-rich, real food snacks we can enjoy on the go. So we’re thrilled to have Wild Zora as an official sponsor of the podcast. A complete and balanced snack is more than just meat, Wild Zora Meat and Veggie Bars include a balance of grass-fed or naturally raised meats mixed with one serving of certified-organic fruits and veggies. Every bar is super nutrient dense and 100% real food. Go over to WildZora.com to check out all their yummy flavors and stock up on their high-quality snacks.

Megan of GingerNewtrition and Alex have released the new version of the Toxic Home Makeover, along with an 8 week video mini-course that helps you implement all of these changes in a methodical and stress-free manner. Grab your guide and join us over on our Instagram accounts (digprimal and gingernewtrition) for the 30 day Toxic Home Makeover Challenge that we’re posting on every single day in the month of November.

Brittany is taking part in a really amazing and comprehensive Yoga and Nutrition Retreat. If you’re in the Brooklyn, NY area and would love to join, click here to sign up.


Bacon Debate
We discuss the latest news that the World Health Organization has declared bacon and other processed meats as carcinogenic foods. To learn more about this, check out this article. We discuss our preliminary thoughts on the subject and what we choose to take away from this news. For more information about the science behind this, read The Paleo Mom’s article on the matter.


Gluten-Free Bread
We talk about the merits of gluten free bread options (which includes bread, pasta, pizza, etc.) and why we don’t include them in our diets on a regular basis (we talk about cross-reactivity and the immune system).  We also discuss when we DO choose to include these things in our diet and why we make those choices. Lastly, we talk about our favorite non-bread carb options that are equally nutritious.


Whole Food Carbohydrate Sources that Won’t Mess with Your Hormones 
Paleo Sweet Potato Pancakes 
Paleo Rosemary Plantain Flatbread 
Primal Fried Plantains with Homemade Whipped Cream 
9 Paleo Oatmeal Alternatives 


Other Podcasts We Love
Briefly, we share our favorite podcasts…and not just the ones about nutrition and natural living!

Balanced Bites

Katy Says with Katy Bowman

Revolution Health Radio

The Paleo Women Podcast

Inquiring Minds

The Splendid Table

Tara Brach

Sex with Emily

Mental Illness Happy Hour

Amy Porterfield and Pat Flynn

Tim Ferriss


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Local Eats Project

Today is National Food Day! Hooray! In honor of this day, I’m launching a new project, the Local Eats Project.

Recently I learned that less than 1% of all food purchased in the U.S. comes from famers markets. I want to boost that number! This is the BEST quality food available and too many people are missing out. Food from farmers markets is far more nutritious – for our bodies, our minds, our wallets, our environment, our economies and our consciousness.

The Local Eats Project works like this: Once per month I will cook one meal made from 100% local foods, including fat/oil and as many fresh herbs and spices too.

I will share the recipe here on Sparkle Kitchen to keep me accountable and to show how simple it is to create a fabulous meal from seasonal ingredients.

These are the ground rules:

  • Cook one meal per month using only local, seasonal ingredients. 
  • Support local farmers by purchasing directly from them at famers markets.
  • Only use vegetables, meats, eggs, and fruits sold at local farmers market.
  • Salt, spices and fat/oil are the exception and can be purchased elsewhere. (Bonus points if these are local too, like lard, suet and schmaltz.)
  • Share it! Post the recipe, photos and cost of your meal on your website or any social media site and share the love of local food. #localeatsproject

That’s it!

Are you up for the challenge? 

Click here for all the Local Eats Project recipes.

AND if you need more convincing for why to eat and buy local, read my article here.

Local Eats Project